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Dedicated husband, father, wrestling coach, history teacher, and school principal.

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Tony Tarsi

Vote Tony Tarsi for STATE REPRESENTATIVE - PA 138

  • Protect the 2nd Amendment
  • Defend the right to life
  • Lower taxes, limited government
  • Respect for law enforcement
  • Quality Education for all children

I am a Christian conservative with a passion for the Constitution and the freedom it provides.  As government grows, freedoms erode.  Our nation is quickly becoming dependent on government to the point where presidential candidates are promising free healthcare for all and college education among many other promises that can't be kept.  I am running to speak the truth, not make promises.  I recognize that government must be reigned in and become more efficient.  My pledge is to look for waste in Harrisburg and give relief to the Pennsylvania taxpayer while staying true to the limited government intended by our founders. 

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